Eden Benchmarks
Exploring the cultural landscape in East Cumbria
My Eden Journey - From Water Cut to Global Warming

A few years ago I embarked on a gradual and somewhat autobiographical journey following the course of the River Eden from source to sea and wrote copious notes in the process. As time has gone on I have gradually turned my notes into something resembling a book. It’s been a self indulgent and largely introspective exercise. I’ve unashamedly enjoyed doing it, however, and in amongst all my grumpy old man’s doom laden ravings and favourite quotations by literary betters there are some general observations relating to natural and human history that may be of interest to people visiting the Eden valley for the first time.

So, as a further indulgence (and with sufficient grasp of reality to know that it probably won’t see the light of day as a ‘proper’ book) I’m serialising my book 'From Water Cut to Global Warming' here on my website.

Instalment 1. A Tumultuous Tangle of Copulating Frogs
Instalment 2. Hell Gill
Instalment 3. A Remote and Tranquil Valley
Instalment 4. Water Cut
Instalment 5. The Eden Benchmark Project
Instalment 6. Intrusive Thoughts
Instalment 7. Unstoppable Fecundity
Instalment 8. A Five Year Battle
Instalment 9. Passage
Instalment 10. The Poetry Path
Instalment 11. Chestnut red and Fiery Eyed
Instalment 12. The Nine Standards
Instalment 13. Kirkby Stephen
Instalment 14. Scandal and Swindale Becks
Instalment 15. Andy Goldsworthy
Instalment 16. The Little Gentleman in Velvet
Instalment 17. The Sheepfolds Project